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IDS Gradačac/Bosnia & Herzegovina

MIRJAN'S GLAMOUR VISION "Sky" Bosn Fed Puppy Champion Bosn Puppy Champion Bosn Fed Junior Champion Bosn Junior Champion Spring Puppy Winner Spring Junior Winner Spring Winner Puppy Best In Show 2 2xBOB 1xBOS, 3xJBOB, JCACIB CRUFTS QUALIFICATION

AZTECA ROBA CORAZONES "Grim" Bosn Fed Veteran Champion Bosn Veteran Champion Spring Veteran Winner Spring Winner 1xBOB, 2xBOS, VCACIB

IRON MAIDEN VOM SIRIUS "Maddy" Bosn Fed Champion Bosn Champion Bosn Grand Champion Spring Winner 1xBOB, 4xBOS

"GAIA" VOM SIRIUS Bosn Grand Champion Spring Winner 1xBOS

Thanks to all judges, the organizers and over all our dogs to rock the ring like that.


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